Ohm: Origins

Arrival: The Time of Chains

Three millennia had been fulfilled since Shei'Vhor, The Redeemer; an Aegis repudiated by his own, expelled from Eteris and condemned to live his eternity into a mortal’s body; He arrived on the planet Thera to rule it with an iron fist.

Its inhabitants were never rivals against their immeasurable power, so, after taking control, he forced to divide their population into Elites, their chosen ones; and Saeculars, who served them.

Apogee: The Time of Splendor

And so, under his regime, Therans reached the technological ceiling and the zenith as a society. But that land was sick and neither their scientific achievements nor their advanced technology could contain the inevitable. Overpopulation, depletion of resources, deforestation, climate change and global warming led Thera to the collapse.

Apocalypse: The Time of Tears

In response to their crimes against her, the sky shed tears of fire hurt the surface of the planet and devastated entire teracities. The burning meteor shower passed, but then, the earth began to tremble for days and that part of our civilization that was not destroyed by the firing storm, ended up swallowed inside the cracks earthquakes had left behind, together the hollow vestiges of a past glory.

Almost half of the world population perished in those days of fatality.

When the tremors ceased, a strange mineral form very few had seen before, emerged from the wounds inflicted by the sky to earth. Stones of a bubbling iridescent green that sutured the sores of the earth. Those who already knew of its existence, referred to it as: ARKER, which in the Aegis language means, Meerschaum.

Wrapped in a halo of mystery and superstition, Elitian techno-scientists made a dazzling discovery. Each of these gems contained an amount of energy which exceeded that of any other source known until then. However, its extraction and use, turned out to be far from their reach and the exposure to the mineral, mortally toxic. In the years following, the ARKER slowly spilled over the earth and then, only a few of those who had known Thera's wrath survived their contact.

Promises: The Time of Exodus

Seeing his artificial paradise crumbled, Shei'Vhor and his Elitians left Thera in large aerospace arks, with the false promise on their lips to return for who they were left behind. From the hollow shell of what had once been the capital of their old world, the august Imperia, they set off in the direction of Shelene's moon, a small partially habitable satellite over Thera's orbit. That milestone was recorded in the chronicles as The Exodus.

Diaspora: The Time of Secrets

Resigned to perish, those who had been abandoned, on that planet which faded among death rattles, awaited their end. However, their extinction never took place. Because then, they learned The Secrets of the ARKER from Greenguardians, who had devoted their lives to protect the planet and warn of the Theraclism’s imminence.

Arboreal beings of anthropomorphic structure, that were not entirely men neither animal, but whose lifeblood, were the same elements' essence and the one of the ancient spirits of Thera. Creatures that knew the mysteries of those stones and from which, they received their power, and that, in the past, they had avoided the genocide their people were subjected by Shei'Vhor and his Elites.

Arboreal beings of anthropomorphic structure, that were not entirely men neither animal, but whose lifeblood, were the same elements' essence and the one of the ancient spirits of Thera. Creatures that knew the mysteries of those stones and from which, they received their power, and that, in the past, they had avoided the genocide their people were subjected by Shei'Vhor and his Elites.

The ARKER became vital for the survival of those women and men, even in their currency. It became the blood that irrigated their world and, therefore, in the sustenance of his people. He saved them. But, on the contrary, it also confronted them, leading them to a never ending fight for their dominance. Around the cracks still to be closed, there arose settlements sufficiently stable to be considered as such, whose main activity was the extraction of the mineral. The direct consequence of the strategic and material value it represented controlling one of these squares turned them into the priority objective of organized nomadic groups which besieged them from the inhospitable Mhûr, the huge wastelands territory emerged after the disaster. The result of those clashes that would never end, was the origin of the current Clans.

Likewise, the eternal disputes and the growing interests the coveted ARKER had awaken among the men, relegated the Greenguardians to ostracism, to the myth or the legend; that again, they saw as their advice was unattended and in worse cases, misrepresented. The barbarism of the men made prey in its species and its number, declined until the practical disappearance.

Meanwhile, from the confines of the Theran's atmosphere, the Elites' leader had never even thought to relegate to oblivion that new raw energy source whose potential transcended all logic. The proven fact that the ARKER was able to regenerate the life of a withered planet such Thera, would spread his horizons to delirium. If he owned it, that mineral was the key that would allow him to expand throughout the galaxy, putting at his fingertips, worlds only dreamed.

Therefore, Shei'Vhor did not leave The Stone’s study at all this time. Until finally, he managed to unravel part of the enigma with the help of a Greenguardian, traitor to his people. His revelations allowed his Elites to manipulate the mineral under minimum safety standards and deepen into their knowledge about The Rock.

Having reached its goal of incorporating the ARKER, both biological level and technological level in the Elitian society, though if in a proportion that was still far from the bond Saeculars had established with The Stone through The Secrets confessed by their unexpected saviors, the almighty leader ordered the overexploitation of Shelene's resources for the sole purpose of reestablishing his space fleet, but the unexpected discovery on the surface of the planet of an Aegis station altered significantly of what had been his primary objective until now, his military development plan. Knowing what was the purpose of that installation condemned by the eons became a core part of the tyrant's master plan.

It was an installation of time immemorial seemed to be part of a larger system and later, would be confirmed dispersed among the hundred satellites surrounded the Theran orbit. Somehow, Shei'Vhor sensed those monoliths, scattered around the moons and nearby stars, were responsible for the destruction of Thera. That those vortexes forgotten by their creators, had unleashed the fire rain had wiped away his own creation.

Last: The Time of Anger

Destining a large part of the energy which kept his new creation safe, that world under the glass with the name of Nova Eden baptized, the obstinate dictator managed to activate the immemorial artifact. The Eye of the Eons, the name under which the ancient Aegis pictograms deciphered by his experts referred to the cyclopean facility, propelled a beam of energy hit Thera which convulsed the face of the planet, removing its earth crust once again and causing it the biggest wound ever seen to the date.

After the shot, the protective cupola that isolated Nova Eden from the effects of the sidereal vacuum and the unhealthy atmosphere, saw its integrity compromised. His obsession cost the lives of many Elitians and as a direct consequence, a civil conflict arose in the bosom of that apparently "perfect" society. A revolt that took years to suppress. Thus it was told by some of the exiled of that domed world who got to escape the wrath of their old master and came back to Thera searching refuge.

Although The Eye of the Eons was never activated again, the damage was already done. The new rift caused as a result of the ignition of the station, made to presume to Elitian experts its healing could take centuries. And so it would be that it held its extension and shape unchanged in the time that followed, making emerge an ARKER deposit inexhaustible in practice. Quasi-infinite veins that now the Elites could collect, because they had the necessary means to carry out a planetary descent and begin the Thera’s reconquest.

Because those had been the true intentions of Shei'Vhor from the beginning.

Journey: The Time of Rebirth

But on earth, that flames tongue which had once again illuminated Theran sky, attracted the gaze of thousands, inhabitants of Mhûr at the time, to the cosmos. Knowing what would follow next, Ulthiâr, The Last Tear of Fire poured over the earth, would produce a massive displacement of convoys and caravans through The Wastelands, chasing its wake. Journey which led them to the remains of the once splendid Imperia, now divided in two halves by the impact. There, a flourishing nation of newcomers would begin to forge into the embrace of an endless supply of ARKER.

Pressed by the reports of his observers, who spoke of how the contingents of settlers began to concentrate in the area, Shei'Vhor deployed a battalion of his new dreadful fleet to take control of the mineral veins, blooming from the fissure which had already been baptized as Shoren: The Wound. But what his lieutenants estimated as a fasten military campaign and an almost immediate takeover, was about to become a war would drain his forces to exhaustion.

Treason: The Time of the Blood

Elites’ First incursions were repelled by The Imperia's Ruin Pioneers now, who, imbued with the influence of the ARKER, had become a threat absolutely far from their expectations. The attempt to increase the number of their troops in successive confrontations it was useless. The result did not change an iota. And thus, the first attack Elitians launched against old Imperia, resulted in a bitter failure for the Elites and thereby, in a change of strategy on the part of their leader.

The words replaced the swords and the mud-color from the battlefield, for the white-marble of the salons. And in them, the wills of a handful of members of The Council of the First Dwellers were bought, enough of them to see the interests of the Elites favored. Shei'Vhor offered them charge and position among their own and those men accepted.

Gathered in Conclave, the decree pronounced by those generously bribed leaders prohibited the use of the ARKER as an enhancer, what changed the course of war radically and Elitian army recovered lost ground until reaching the walls of the old capital.

But at the point their defences were breaking down and The Redeemer seemed to touch the victory with his fingers, a Saecular, a “Midblood” who was said to have Elitian blood and who had tried to pass unnoticed among his people, discovered before them, the conspiracy their leaders had devised, showing irrefutable evidences of their guilt in a public hearing using a technology was believed lost.

Declared traitors; those who had held in their hands the destinies of the thousands of pioneers who had traveled from all corners of Thera, to form a new home among the memories of what had been a paradigm of the splendor of a world now shattered; They were condemned to The Long Fall. And so, those "honorable" men who had surrendered The City to the Elites, died after being thrown into Shoren.

Brotherhood: The Time of Victory

On that day, with the ARKER flowing again through their blood; Saeculars and Elitians clashed in open field in front the shadow of the terapolis which had been the home for both in the past, the golden Imperia. Shei'Vhor himself led his army, after accepting the challenge the insolent “Midblood” had uttered to him to fight against in single combat and which stood at vanguard of his people now.

The battle that followed then, would suppose The First Elitian Advent's ending, because, though others would have to arrive in the future, in that occasion the struggle finished with a pyrrhic victory on the side of Saeculars, where many Pioneers, Nhômads and Whârs of the Firsts Clans lost their lives combating back to back together.

However, Elitians were who fared worse. Mortally wounded by the hand that insignificant mortal who had managed to unite all Theraclism's survivors under one voice, Shei'Vhor was withdrawn by his personal escort from the fray after receiving the final blow the Midblood inflicted him with a blade of which is said had been forged in Antiqa, the Aegis' legendary celestial city beyond Nhôde.

Some people think not even an Aegis could have survived injuries Saecular hero dealt him; while others claim opposite. But truth is nobody saw him again, feeding all sort of speculations about fate of that tyrant who three thousand years ago had descended from the stars to subdue Thera.

Foundation: The Time of the First

But among all stories were born after waging that battle and would be told for decades in the taverns of Ohm, none was so epic and imperishable as the one surrounded the stranger who had defeated one of The Eternals.

That man, became the first Rhegal, a term they had adopted from the Aegis' language and that among Eternal Race served to distinguish those of the highest condition among their own. And in his honor, his people baptized with his name to that consumed world which now rose from its ashes. Because that stranger, whose feats were reserved only to The Immortals, was called: Ohm.

And with it were known The City which had been liberated with the sacrifice and life of many, the vast territory around and the people who inhabited it. And in a sign of his gratitude, his new Rhegal renounced his name bequeathing it to the land contemplated them now. And men gave him a new alias, the one for which everyone knew him since then: Mythras, The One Who Challenges the Gods.

And under his rule, the celebration of Shei'Vhor's defeat supposed The Foundation of a new home, for him and all those who decided to take root in that promised land for so long denied. Both milestones, established the beginning of the Ohmnian's calendar and the life returned to thrive among its streets, in its neighborhoods, within its palaces and beyond its walls, because a revived nation returned to break through.

A new society that, even having banished Saecular term from their idiom, it suffered from same lack of equity inherited from the Pre-World, accentuated since the Time of Chains after the arrival of Shei'Vhor. So the two shores which separated men continued moving away till distance was unreachable. Because their differences arose of their own greed and ambition, inasmuch as they were part of them, they were in their nature and they would remain forever.

Furthermore, since The Time of Secrets the ARKER had contributed to divide his people to the point of no return, between those who speculated with the mineral and possessed it; and among those who provided it with their effort and work in exchange for a quantity of it. In rich and poor, in Merkhars and Proles.

Thus, split into two halves from The Time of Anger, when Ulthiâr, The Last Tear, was poured down over Thera from The Eye of Eons, The Northern District of the city or Citadela, became the residence of the new Shyres: Neonovili, Operatores and Merkhars; and conversely, as the night which counterbalances the day, The Southern District or Suburbia, where the Proles, the working class found their shelter; as well as the periphery surrounding the town known as Mhisêre and poorly named Burrows; the home of the Holers: the pariahs, the outcast, the non-people.

The reign of Mythras lasted thirty years. And in that lapse, from the top of that dwelling which scratched the sky, he watched as the city prospered and its boundaries grew until be lost confused line of a still sick horizon.

But he also saw the black clouds of war swirling before him. Storms that released blood, pain and death. Because many were those who tried to take The Tower of Bones since the rise of The First Rhegal and all perished in their attempt. And it would not be until the dagger of betrayal pierced his back, that Mythras lost Ohm.

Both The Phâradims, Neonovili's voice in town, as The Albâre, known as The Whites, the Merkhar's arm into the Êghoras, apostatized against him after agreeing to deliver the city to a rival Clan. Sentenced to The Long Fall in front of his people, its overthrow produced an uprising of his people resulted in the death of the responsible and in the annihilation of the Clan had perpetrated the assault against Ohm.

The throne was orphaned of Lord and produced power vacuum that could never be filled. The legend became a curse and none of Rhegal, who in the two thousand years ensued him, took the city and took their place, brought peace with them.

And in that way, the instability lasted to this day.

War: The Time of Clans

In the current year after Ohm, while the city continues to wait for its new Rhegal, who perhaps, predestined by the stars, put an end to The Curse of the First and the Last Lord, the flame of hope trembles and life pales again.

Because these are dark times...

Times in which The Greenguardians, remain silent, hidden in the last forest refuges that the fire of men has not yet managed to reach.

Times in which the sky covers the earth of shadows vomited from monstrous mechanical jaws, in announcement of a new Elitian Advent.

Times in which, united under the Whârlen’s harangues, their Warlords, men continue to be killed each other by the domination of The Ohm City and its ARKER.

Because this, is the Time of the Clans.

A time for war and a time for glory.

—«And we are witness».