Half-men, half-sauros; The Izarian are the best and most empirical proof of to what extent, the ARKER can operate changes in a living organism. Without understanding the chemical reactions that trigger the metamorphosis, the alterations derived from the interaction with the mineral could be classified according to the "organic stratum" affected, which may occur at the superficial or tissue level; at a more internal or muscular level; or definitively, modify the structure of the subject in the deepest. At cellular level. This is the case of the Izarian.

While the transformations turn out unpredictable between individuals, the changes that take place on collectives which share similar environmental conditions or equivalent ecosystems, allow identifying a pattern that is related to the environment in which the subjects try to develop.

Thus, when in The Time of Secrets, The Greenguardians revealed The Mysteries of the Stone to the disaster's survivors, part of these men, now Nomads in a ruined and devastated territory by the catastrophe, established their camps in the vicinity of the few reservoirs or aquifers where the basic water supply was guaranteed. While it is true that daily consumption was drastically reduced as a result of the "reconditioning" produced by the ARKER in those who had overcome The First Contact with the mineral, water never ceased to be fundamental for life.

But beyond its scarcity, the lack of salubrity and the contamination high level, coming from uncontrolled wastes eviction, forced new changes in the DNA of those subjects. Its genome was merged with that of a sauro species, known as Izar, which inhabited those swampy areas, and which were part of their diet. Creatures which recalled of the ancient crocodiles of the Pre-World, but who shared the amphibian features of the anurans, and were able to tolerate the levels of toxicity of that poisoned aquatic environment.

As a result of that struggle for survival, the ARKER brought about changes on them to the deepest level, so that, as if it were a chemical catalyst, the stone compelled an accelerated reconfiguration to all organic systems involved. In consequence of the forcing of this process against nature, not all specimens exposed managed to overcome it and those guests whose biology was left behind in this evolutionary race against the clock, perished inevitably. As it had happened in the past, when the mineral first emerged from The Skhâars in The Time of Tears and millions of people died.

Then, it was proven that in most cases the cause of death was due to overexposure, and in others such as the Elitians, a "hypersensitivity" to the rock due to having lived in innocuous environments during ages. However, like that insignificant Mundanes amount who managed to assume the new configuration, a few Nhomads among those who had made the swamps their home, known today as The Miasmas, abandoned their old theran nature forever.

Those men left behind their human bodies to glimpse a new horizon, because the gestated chromosomal combination inside them formed a new identity pattern. A distinct one that differed completely from the original progenies, which now, had given rise to a new species. Thus the Izarian came into the world, who had not only managed to evade extinction, but who, in the trance, had become practically invulnerable to inclemency.

Although until after The Time of Secrets, the simple fact of sighting, let alone contact in friendly terms with one of them, was very rare, to this day, the Izarian represent a valuable asset to their respective Clans.

His fame is owed to a great extent to his amazing mimetic capacities, his corporal flexibility and his innate agility. However, whether due to the envy of their abilities awaken in other less able members, or because of a prejudice of a racial nature, those of their species must sometimes withstand the scorn of those who, after all, are also their congeners. The supremacist currents of thought, such as the fanatical extremists known as The Arians, coined in one of their delirious proclamations of hatred praise, the term "Transmuted". Word which they use to refer to those who, like the Izarian, experienced "The Change" until their last consequences. At present, this condition continues to be the cause of many disputes and controversy. And to date, cause of death of many Izarian.

Like the genetic miracle they are, the Izarian are able to breathe in any environment that presents levels of pollution or toxicity pernicious to most of the less “transmuted” ohmnians, without the help of any additional equipment. What would include, remain under a non-lethal liquid medium, such as water, for long periods with a minimal oxygen replenishment.

Morphologically anthropomorphic, tight muscles like knots subject to tension, sculpt a strong anatomy only within the reach of the most illustrious Gladios and Custodians of the Red Arena, among which are also some Izarian.

Thanks to their athletic complexion and a pair of powerful claws, their members are capable of the most incredible physical prowess and acrobatics. Climbing experts, the Izarian can move in complete verticality, as well as through roofs and vaults without a greater effort than to sprint on the mainland. Using their tails as an element of balance, their jumping ability is almost legendary. If we add to these talents, their corporal concealing system, similar to the bio-camouflage mechanism of other sauro's species; we discover, the perfect Infiltrator. As their breed is known among the Clans too.

As for their way of fighting, the Izarian exploit their main virtues again, displaying a huge elasticity to perform impossible hits, as well as a speed that turns their thrusts into a real rain of blows difficult to contain. In order to harmonize the arsenal they wield with their characteristic fighting style, the Izarian prefer to use short, light and curved blades; perfect for chopping and cleaving quickly without giving their opponent an option. Hence the old Izarian saying, "Hit first and hit last". Those of their kind refer with pride to those weapons as Fangs.

When it comes to their skin, the Izarian have two different dermal textures. On the one hand, those areas of their bodies accustomed to the physical punishment proper to their habitats, or those zones which protect vital points and that could incapacitate them, for being the target of their opponents; they are covered by a natural plate of imbricate semi-rigid scales capable of stopping an enemy sword. And, on the other hand, a second layer of lower density, also formed by keratinous shields in the form of scales, which gives them adaptability, improve their movements and allows them to retain moisture inside their bodies, even segregate it towards the surface to generate a slippery effect that gives them an evasive plus against prey; or that contributes to increase their contortion factor when sliding or sneak through narrow gaps, such as ventilation ducts. For this reason, the Izarian always seem to shine with a wet gloss and prefer to contend with the minimum precise armor.

Folded back, a spiny collar composed mainly of a rough pleural membrane riddled with cartilaginous spines, rests on the back of his skull. This organ allows the Izarian to express feelings and emotions that, otherwise, they would not be able to transmit due to the hieratic of their facial features. That is why, among the most experienced members of the Clans, it is often said that:

The only advantage of making an Izarian angry is that he will let you know