The Berserks are preceded by their own fame. Considered by many to be the most feared adversaries throughout Ohm, these giants of extraordinary physique prefer not to use heavy armors in order to avoid their constraints during the fight. Therefore, more often than not, they fight with naked torso which are scored with scars that exhibit as trophies, while they wield their huge weapons across the battlefield.

However, only the foolish or those who have never confronted them would confuse this lack of defence as a vulnerability sign. The Arker exposure, what Berserks aspire like a mist via their respiratory devices, it confers them the skill inter alia, to alter their epinephrine levels in blood at will. The adrenaline overdose imbues them an extreme fury state that increases his strength and stamina. Not in vain, there are who claim that in such trance, a Berserk doesn't bleed through their wounds and even those who assure they heal at the very moment that are produced.

Reality or as a result of tavern talks, the truth is the most experienced and veteran fighters from the lands of Ohm, agree with the idea that a Berserk in frenzy, friend or foe, is one of the most dreadful visions which someone can face it. If you ask them for advice, even at the risk to change their words, the substance of their warning will remain indelible:

«When you see a Berserk to charge towards you, with pulsing bloody eyes and drooling like an animal, attack him with everything you have and pray to be enough».