Strange and enigmatic ones, a mystical aura seems to surround these guardians of what arcane. Inexhaustible researchers and lovers of erudition, the Alchemists claim knowledge above all else. Completely oblivious to worldly concerns or showing a weak interest in them, they dedicate their existence to unravelling the ARKER secrets through The Alchemy.

This discipline of eponymous denomination of fuzzy and imprecise limits, is considered by many as a proto-science navigates between esotericism and empirical fact. However, within the apparent conceptual chaos, branches of knowledge and derivations, the alchemical praxeology has crystallized in the work known as: The Ars Alquimica.

Based on more mysteries than certainties, the definitive manual of Alchemy establishes a single corpus of principles and axioms destined to unify the praxis of what they consider to be their art. Compiled since The Exodus Times, from the thousands of treaties, experiments and essays carried out by its members throughout history, this text constitutes a true bible for its practitioners. However, the erratic consequences derived from the uncontrolled use of the Alchemy in its first stages, highly explosive and generally deadly ones; it relegated its transmission to the secrecy; his teachings, to the scrutiny of censorship; and its practice, to an implacable persecution.

Currently regulated, the legitimate exercise of alchemy requires strong security measures and supervision. Therefore, the new ordination forces the Alchemists to develop their research activity in the so-called: Cubicles. Labs built kilometers away below the surface, located in the Ohm's tech sector. From these places, his followers study old files; they review ancestral tomes; they consult worn scrolls; and they update their truth; while the guild debates, shares and exposes: inventions, advances and conclusions, when not, accidents in the form of caustic vapors, poisonous mists, detonations and deflagrations. Fortunately for the city, the isolation of these facilities prevents and mitigates the eventualities effects of this type.

It is not unusual to see Proles and Holers working for the Alchemists under different pretexts, ranging from the promotion of the city progress; to the merely cognitive interest; till the Clan's benefit itself or the individual himself. These exceptional employees can access the position; or by own will previous exchange of a good bag of fragments; or compelled as a result of a condemnatory sentence to "dangerous" jobs outside the mines. In both cases, its function has to do with the handling of the ore in those operations that present a high risk to the operator.

Meanwhile, safe from the situation's contingencies, the Alchemists guide their hands transmitting instructions through a small window shape-liked porthole, made of glass and polyvinyl, behind the security of a retaining wall with the thickness of a Tricephant.

Those outcasts who show a special competence in their handling of the ARKER have an opportunity to become containers where to pour the wisdom of their teachers. First, as self-denying followers; later, as formally instructed apprentices; and finally, as recognized Alchemists.

However, it would be convenient to banish the idea that the Alchemists are sickly and weak creatures who exhaust their lives beneath mountains of books yellowed by the ages, using pawns to avoid having to risk their lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Precisely their overexposure to the mineral, makes them especially resistant to its effects. Therefore, they are able to assimilate ARKER directly into their bloodstream, inoculating it parenterally through the same system that feeds them (Yes! the Alchemists do not ingest solid food). Thanks to an almost immediate metabolization, this way of administration allows them to channel their skills with a lethal mastery, reaching a level of domain unthinkable for other classes.

This was recorded by the words of the Greenguardian teacher, Yghon-S'khallar, addressing his young aspirants:

Ā«Therefore, if you make the unfortunate mistake of crossing yourself between an Alchemist and his interests, prepare for the worst. If you feel that the air around you becomes dense and heavy, you notice that your body hair bristles or you perceive a strong smell of sulfur flooding your nostrils, turn around, run and do not look back. If not, while your flesh separates from your bones as long as it is eaten by a storm of emerald flames, your last thought will be to regretĀ».