The time of clans


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Berserker, Alchemist, Izarian... Discover the unique characteristics of each class as well as the best combination of abilities and objects.

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A hero is strong, but a clan is even stronger. Create or join a clan and fight together for the control of the Ohm city and get access to the ARKER mines.

Arker Coin


The most precious mineral that ever existed; coveted as currency by some and as a source of energy by others. Many died trying to understand it, others adapted to its existence.

Arker Coin


Find the perfect balance between hundreds of abilities that will help your hero to emerge victorious even from the most difficult battles.

Arker Coin


Buy or sell abilities and items with other players in the market and get a good handful of ARKER fragments in return.

Arker Coin

Game modes

Find an opponent for a skirmish and gain reputation, battle in a duel in exchange for ARKER or just dive alone in the story mode (coming soon).



The Berserkers are powerful warriors, strong as animals, who are used to fight half-naked carrying bloody shields and don't hesitate to bite their enemies if they have the chance.


The Alchemist are cult and intelligent investigators, studious of the old protocience doctrines. They spend most of their time working in their basements, where they study ancient books and scrolls.


The Izarian are recognized for their incredible physical prowess and acrobatics, as well as his amazing mimetic capacities. They use light and curved blades, perfect for attacking without giving an option.


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